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If you are on a watercraft in Ocean City, remember to smile!

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All images are for purchase as digital downloads.  Once you have purchased your high-resolution image, look for an email with a link to download the image file (check your Spam/Junk folder too).  Save the file to your computer or device.  You can use the file endlessly to print your own photos, create wall art, and more!  Images are typically posted by 10pm on the day they were shot.



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Rave Reviews

Jorey Aumiller
Google Review
We have a great time waving to the camera on the water! Such a fun way to grab a photo! The website is easy to use and the pictures are well worth it! Outstanding customer service to ensure that you’re happy with your photos as well.
Thomas Mcfaul
Google Review
The photos are awesome- Great quality and professional. A perfect souvenir to hang above the mantle.
Misty Stenger
Google Review
Love that we can see pictures of ourselves on our boat. Have been able to get quality shots all season long. Thanks Jim for a great job.
Holly Ridgeway
Google Review
OC Yacht Shots is awesome! Pictures are great and the owner is very accommodating and if not on a shoot responds very quickly to questions one might have. I have purchased several pics and will continue to purchase as it’s a great way to have professional pics of our boat with family and friends preserving memories! Highly recommend
A Vermillion
Google Review
What an excellent idea!! WE love the photo that was taken of our new boat!! Thanks!!
Cheryl Cook Boyle
Google Review
We have so much fun looking for Jim in his hot pink shirt every time we're on the boat! He is super friendly and takes fantastic photos of our wonderful memories on the boat and I've never met him. I've probably bought 7 or 8 photos so far, and each one is better than the last!
Paul Marshall
Google Review
If you boat in Ocean City you MUST smile and wave because your guaranteed to get a picture you will cherish for years!! Jim has a cool flashing light to get your attention and his photographic skills are beyond talented!
Russell Wood
Google Review
It was such a nice surprise to have candid pictures while on a boat with friends. The pictures really turned out nice!
Lorrain Nuovo-Grap
Google Review
Absolutely FANTASTIC shots of our vacation on our new boat in action! Can’t get pictures like this yourself and so glad we have these! Highly recommend; great business!
Jennifer Sharp
Google Review
Was so pleased with the photos taken by OC Yacht Shots! They were posted on their website the same day they are taken. I purchased my photos and received them electronically within minutes. Very good customer service. Any questions a had were answered right away! Great job OC Yacht Shots!
Mrs. Calp
Google Review
We were soo excited to see our picture as it was the 2nd day with our new boat. OC Yacht Shots were very helpful in giving me information on how to view and access my picture. Looking forward to finding them again and having our family with us on the boat to help us preserve memories with pictures that otherwise would not be captured. Thank You OC Yacht Shots!!
Salty Works
Google Review
OC Yacht Shots has taken several pics of Family and I enjoying our time on the boat. Memories that I will have forever now. I'm looking forward to see what OC Yacht captures next. Thanks for all the photos you have taking and the ones to come.  Catch em up!
Chris V.
Google Review
I purchased a few photos from the website. Beautiful pictures and a wide variety.
Google Review
Great picture taken of my boat by the 50 bridge. Very easy ordering process would highly recommend!
Julie Clark
Google Review
I’ve bought several shots of my boyfriend’s boat from OC Yacht Shots and I can truly say they do an amazing job at capturing moments we cannot! My boyfriend and I were SO excited when we found our first pictures and since then, we have checked the Facebook page several times to find out where OC Yacht Shots is located that day. The photographer is always friendly when we wave at him, too. If you’re ever on your boat in Ocean City, Maryland, look out for the pink shirts and get your picture taken! You’ll love the shot that comes as a result. ☺️
David Dalfonso
Google Review
Our pictures came out great and really captured the fun that we were having that day. Thank you Yacht Shots, for allowing me to save this forever.
Arthur Glaser
Google Review
Casey Stinchcomb
Google Review
I can’t say one bad thing about OC Yacht Shots! Their customer service is outstanding. I personally feel like I now know them. When I was having issues ordering images they responded minutes later! The quality of their photos are outstanding. I can’t wait to run into them again!! Thank you!
Damir B.
Google Review
Great business idea great photos!
Kaitlyn Akers
Google Review
We are so excited to have OC Yacht Shots now! The kids look for the “pink picture guy” every time we’re out boating! Also love that we didn’t see our pic initially and within a few hours of e-mailing, our pics were available! Awesome customer service & yacht quality photos! Looking forward to more great shots!
Dave Rideout - Google Review
Google Review
Great picture taken of my boat by the 50 bridge. Very easy ordering process would highly recommend!
Capt. Mark Malamphy
Finatic Sportfishing Charters
Great quality pics and service!
Kris Hawley
OC Boat Owner
OC Yacht Shots is the best! We love our photos and recommend them for pictures on the water in Ocean City!

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